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Below are descriptions and links to a variety of writing authored by Joshua Jamieson that include a book of poetry (The Teenage Years... Mapped, Breakwater Books), journalism samples, and a general commentary blog called a MESS of commentary.


The Teenage Years... Mapped


The Teenage Years ... Mapped is a collection of poetry by Joshua Jamieson,a talented young poet who is sure to contribute to the future of Newfoundland literature. In his poetry, the author explores the social and peer pressures faced by teenagers relating to themes such as adolescent sexuality. A must read for any young adult, as well as parents, to remind them of what it was like to be a teenager and to further equip them to better connect with their teens.

Order from Breakwater Books




Joshua has written for a variety of traditional media outlets including script for CBC, stories/editorial content for Current and The Telegram.



July 9, 2010 Issue - Current (Editor sample)

Health and help - The Telegram - February 21, 2011

2012 Cuffer Prize Entry - COMING SOON



a MESS of commentary offers just that. It was conceived as being a place to put observations or comments on just about anything. Past topics have included everything from Muppet making to theatre reviews, music, movies, dance, and more.  The blog also has some archived article content from Joshua's days as a columnist for Current, before he became Editor.

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