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Waiting Outside... (2018)


Waiting Outside… will inspire audiences to rediscover the value of the small moments in life and to make the most of every one. The film centres on Simon who cares for his young daughter Scout while his husband Felix is deployed overseas. When Simon gets a serious diagnosis, his world is shaken and he must deal with it, and the future, alone. It aims to further conversation on quality of life while shining a light on the challenges faced by people in similar situations, and the impacts those challenges have on them. The film is endorsed by the Canadian Cancer Society-NL and won the NL Joy Award from the Linda Joy Media Arts Society. So far, it has been at the Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner (May 2018), and was an official selection at the Nickel Independent Film Festival (June 2018), FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival (September 2018), 2nd Annual Smith Sound Film Festival (October 2018), and the Scottish Independent Film Festival in Edinburgh, UK (October 2018). Like the film on Facebook to keep up to date with future film festival screenings!



Just Himself: the story of Don Jamieson (2011)


As a broadcaster and politician, Don Jamieson provided an invaluable public service to Canadians and notably to the people of his home province, Newfoundland and Labrador. The documentary, Just Himself: the story of Don Jamieson is written and directed by his grandson, Joshua Jamieson, giving the film an insight and angle unlike anything else that could ever be done on the subject.

Don’s involvement during Newfoundland’s confederation gave him a first hand taste of politics, campaigning for economic union with the United States – cast in the role of being the voice for Ches Crosbie. After connecting with Geoff Stirling, the two established CJON- TV and CJYQ radio. Don continued to develop the Canadian broadcasting industry becoming the President of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) from 1961 – 64, during which he reached out with weekly ‘minute- torial’ nationally syndicated broadcasts.

He was elected as the MP for Burin-Burgeo (known today as Random- Burin-St. George’s) in a 1966 by-election and subsequently served as a member of Trudeau’s cabinet in the top portfolios of Defence, Transportation, Regional Economic Expansion and External Affairs. Through his various roles, Don brought infrastructure, signed the 200 mile limit protection at his home in Swift Current, NL and faced Russian spies in Ottawa. Don served federally until 1979, returning home to take on the Liberal leadership in a provincial election, squaring off against Brian Peckford.


After a short return to private life, Don was appointed to represent Canada as High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, with “his fund of political anecdotes and Newfoundland stories [making] him a firm favourite with the Queen,” – published in the Daily Telegraph in 1986.

The documentary discusses Jamieson’s career highlights with Don’s family, former prime ministers, senators, MPs, MHAs, journalists and academics before exploring how time, technology and social media have changed the world of politics.The film aims to engage the audience to look at politics in a new light, getting an inside look at public life.

Just Himself: the story of Don Jamieson on Facebook

Official Website for Just Himself: the story of Don Jamieson

Choices for Youth 20th Anniversary Video (2011)


Choices for Youth started small and the needs within the community is what caused the organization to keep growing. Even today with seven core programs and another two to three in the works, the organization cannot satisfy the population of people that need its supports. Choices is dedicated to helping youth work on their life skills and assists them with everything from daily living and housing supports, to employment, and more.

The commemorative video was designed to give youth a voice and allow them to share their stories in their own words. Those first hand accounts of how Choices has affected them are laid alongside the observations and organizational history shared by one of its long time employees.  The video was shot over three days at various properties owned by Choices for Youth and involved two youth interns who wanted an opportunity to gain film making skills.

FATE (2005)


This film was the result of a challenge to produce a short that had no dialogue but told a story, set to music. As FATE was produced before m0xY Productions added film production to its mandate, it was made under Fluffy Bunnies Productions and by a group of people - some of whom would go on to form the basis of m0xY.

The film included 'Julie' and Mark White (Poor Super Man, m0xY Productions) as they prepared for a night out on the town, Mark Norberg as the bartender, with cameos by Joshua Jamieson and Lora Campbell. The short film was edited by Geoff Barrett.

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